Independent national network

AA-team has been an independent SME organization since 2004 that mediates in breakdown and recovery and thinks and acts like an entrepreneur. In order to always be able to guarantee independent assistance and to be able to measure quality independently, we do not provide assistance ourselves, but we work together with local entrepreneurs where short lines are the standard.

Quality Assistance Group

As of 01-01-2023, the Quality Assistance Group will start with a new quality label for roadside assistance and will also specialize in breakdown, transport and replacement cars. The roadside assistance cars are given the colour green and the management is led by Marry Kwekel (director of the AA team) Daan Jongejan and Peter van Leeuwen (Vrolijk Amsterdam). Both the head office of the Quality Assistance Group and the first Quality Assistance Partner - the Kwekel Service Centre founded in 1978 trading under the name Quality Assistance Zeeland - are located in Goes at Columbusweg 50.

Our method

The location, urgency and nature of the failure determine who and when help is deployed. 

AA-team via your garage or mediator

AA team offers several low-cost options if you sign up through an affiliated garage or mediator. You can choose for an MOT roadside assistance card or a maintenance card with which you benefit from with free transport for a repair order or trade-in and a discount on roadside assistance abroad.

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AA-team puts the customer first and keeps it clear for everyone: one point of contact for assistance, recovery and replacement transport is the most efficient solution.

Our partners

The core of our assistance is a dense network of companies that are available to you every day. All our partners are renowned garage owners and specialized assistance providers, spread all over the country. Our partner network consists of a bundled chunk of experience that stands out from anything else. As a result, you are on average never more than 15 kilometers away from a roadside assistance provider in the event of a breakdown. You can always count on quick assistance from a first car technician, tire service or battery guard. Specialist training courses and a technical helpdesk guarantee that the technical knowledge of these assistance companies remains at a high level.

For training and special technical issues, AA-team works closely with schools, auto parts wholesalers and original equipment manufacturers. With this knowledge, information, equipment and even its own support line, AA-team is always provided with the latest developments in the field of automotive technology.

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AA-team for individuals

  • Direct help from your region
  • Extensive network throughout the Netherlands and Europe
  • Diagnosis of trained technicians. 99.3% minor breakdowns are repaired immediately!
  • Registration by license plate number = registration by name
  • No year of manufacture limitation
  • Options for replacement vehicles
  • Low price due to our cost control


AA-team for partners

  • A unique emergency number
  • Handle calls yourself or leave it to us ons
  • Strengthen the bond between your customers and your company
  • Large network throughout Europe
  • Savings on replacement transport due to fast handling
  • Real-time access to roadside assistance statuses