What is Pay-As-You-Go assistance?

AA-team offers Pay-As-You-Go roadside assistance for individuals and freelancers. Is your roadside assistance offered by your car company, intermediary of gas station? See Assistance via (car) companies for more information.

With AA-team you can choose how you want your roadside assistance:

1. Roadside assistance with membership
2. Roadside assistance without membership
3. Roadside assistance savings plan

AA-team puts the customer first and keeps it clear for everyone: one point of contact for assistance, recovery and replacement transport is the most efficient solution.

Roadside assistance abroad

AA-team offers roadside assistance in more than forty European countries. In addition, replacement vehicles are available in most European countries, with and without a towbar. Taking care of the repatriation (up to a distance of 1000 kilometers to the destination) takes 10 to 15 working days.

Read more about assistance abroad

Why choose for AA-team?

With AA-team you profit from the following various benefits:

  • Instant assistance within your region.
  • Extensive network throughout the Netherlands and Europe
  • Diagnosis of trained technicians. 99.3% minor breakdowns are repaired immediately! 
  • Registration by license plate = registration by name
  • No year of manufacture limitation
  • Options for a replacement vehicle
  • Low price due to our cost control

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